My interest in photography came from an interest in wildlife. I first realised I was well and truly bitten when I went to Trinidad while at Glasgow University studying Zoology. I just had a little Fujifilm camera but tried to snap everything I saw, while halfheartedly working on my research project. Inspired by friends on that trip (some now professional photographers themselves- I'm looking at you Andrew Walmsley) I took things a little bit more seriously. After a brief stint at the RSPB I went back to University to study Biological Photography and Imaging at Nottingham where I first learnt about, amound other things, making films. Since then my career and passion has been a balancing act between photography and video (and a bit of ecology!). 

Since those early days I have had the privilege and education to work for high profile organisations such as Global Witness, the Environmental Investigation Agency and Earthsight highlighting environmental abuses and issues in new and innovative ways. 

I am available for any photography, video or editing projects so if you want to chat through anything please get in touch.